How my business is staying VISIBLE and RELEVANT right now

by | Jun 20, 2020 | Business planning, Running a Business

At the moment, the biggest question on my mind is: How can businesses continue to stay VISIBLE and RELEVANT during challenging, fast-shifting times? How can we best serve others in ways that feel authentic and easy for all parties… to help us all create thriving business?

I have been interviewing clients and contacts in leadership positions across professional services about what they see as the most immediate concerns in their industries, in order to understand what is most relevant right now.

The kinds of answers I’m getting are:

  • Crisis management and immediate next steps just to deal with what is in front of us
  • Making do with less
  • Managing significant change and the high stress that comes with this
  • Preparing for the strong possibility of losing (more) clients when businesses struggle or fail
  • Continuing to adjust to a home/office working balance for our staff
  • Looking at what we need to do differently from now on

These may sound obvious, but they have crucial implications for what we deliver and how, and what we communicate and how, in order to stay relevant and visible.

In my business, what I’m finding is working best right now is:

  • Delivering highly accessible (short, sharp and affordable) strategy sessions and online options, rather than aiming for substantial programs of work
  • Focusing on my most practical, ‘need help now’ offerings rather than the more aspirational, big-goal themes
  • Maintaining visibility among networks by connecting meaningfully with contacts (via phone and Zoom meetings, some coffees), and by demonstrating what I’m working on (via LinkedIn and email)

What people want: Clear leadership & practical help!

The current free webinars and short online courses I am delivering are proving popular because they are highly accessible and because they focus on what people need right now – clear strategic leadership and practical help. In my business, this is around personal brand and network-building strategy for professional people and businesses, delivered quickly, simply and affordably. I hope these insights encourage you to dig deep to find your most relevant offerings and ways to stay visible and helpful to your audience.