Presenting yourself as a deliverer of solutions in times of crisis

by | Aug 4, 2020 | Career Planning, Personal Brand

At a recent online presentation for INSEAD’s MBA alumni network, I posed the question, ‘What are the unique challenges we are facing in communicating professional and personal brands in 2020, and what needs to look different?’ The answers from participants’ discussion around the world were illuminating!

How do I demonstrate adaptability to deliver solutions that work now?

Once concern highlighted by various participants was the necessity to demonstrate adaptability and the ability to present adapted solutions in business. As one respondent put it, ‘Agile organisations need agile people!’

The challenge voiced was: How can you demonstrate this agility through your personal brand?

Above: Video snippet from my presentation for INSEAD

Some considerations may be:

  • Meet the client/stakeholder where they are. In every professional communication, how are you connecting with the client or stakeholder’s current most pressing concerns? Are you ensuring your communication about what you can do is audience-centred, rather than coming from your own agenda? And how well do you understand where to meet the client? Have you asked enough questions, listened deeply? This should give you plenty of clues as to your most effective content and language choices in communicating your personal brand in the current climate.
  • Remind people of your performance. Do you need to review, collate and showcase your past relevant experience more clearly? Consider case studies, portfolios, anecdotal examples and detailed listings on your LinkedIn profile’s ‘Experience’ section.
  • Highlight most relevant achievements and capabilities. Looking over your CV, what resonates most right now? Are these points prominent in any communication of your professional profile?
  • Demonstrate your interest (and ability) in finding new solutions. If you love a challenge, you are naturally a creative thinker, you’re great at galvanising a team towards an outcome, or you’re in touch with the latest technology, you should be communicating your commitment to solving business problems. Of course, this requires speaking up to contribute ideas and, yes – to point out your ability! Demonstrate to your boss or your potential client that you can solve a problem by actually presenting a solution.

Most people I work with need much clearer language around how they add value.

And not only does this language have to be crystal-clear, it must point to what the audience’s most pressing, current concerns are and how they can be a solution to the problem.