Empowering your people to attract new clients: Tom v Harry

by | Mar 3, 2017 | Networking, Personal Brand, Selling

When tasked with growing the client base, team members require a set of tools that will greatly increase their chances of success. Obviously, the foundation of this includes things like understanding company values, solid expertise and subject matter knowledge, communication skills and willingness to understand and help the potential client. But beyond this, what do staff need for success? 

What are the less obvious tools that team members need to consistently attract new clients to the business?

Is your staff more like TOM or HARRY?

  • A first impression that counts

When Tom meets someone for the first time, or stands at the podium to address the room, or films a sales video… his body language, dress, language and tone all say that he is confident, professional, trustworthy. Harry turns up in a wrinkled shirt and often forgets his suit jacket. He bumbles along instead of walking tall and with purpose.

  • Advanced networking skills

Tom researches who will be at an event that he should talk to, presents well and has meaningful conversations, then carries out a follow-up plan. Harry simply turns up to networking drinks and stays in the corner with his buddies from the office.

  • An online impression that cuts through the noise

Tom’s LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date – but more than that, it’s positioned according to his professional goals at work, includes recent testimonials and projects to prove what he can do, and features a professional, personable profile photo. Harry’s got a fishing photo and has yet to update his profile with his most recent role. He has neglected to fill in the Summary section, which is the chance to position himself and talk directly to his target audience.

  • A clear plan of action leveraging online

Tom links his face-to-face networking and business-building with an online strategy to keep top of mind with his connections. He knows exactly how to connect with people and keep that connection going. Tom also combines his powerful LinkedIn profile with great online content and targeted, regular LinkedIn interactions, following a planned strategy and schedule. In this way, he maximises his 25 minutes twice a week on LinkedIn, and then gets on with his job. Harry floats about aimlessly on social media now and then, when he remembers.

Can your Toms step it up a notch further? Can your Harrys use some help? Systematic business building works all the way through to the individual in your company – a much better approach than leaving it to chance!