VIDEO: Expanding your range of influence

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Personal Brand, Professional Confidence, Selling

This month, my live 30-minute Online Q&A Chat featured tips and discussion on expanding your range of influence, followed by an opportunity to network online with professional peers.

My live Q&A Chat in July 2021 was on ‘Expanding your range of influence’.

Being influential is necessary to be able to create wins in business and career.

  • How can you cultivate honest, authentic influence that helps yourself and others?
  • What small shifts in our language and behaviour can make the biggest difference to our ability to influence outcomes?

I shared tips from research on influence and we then had time to network and discuss what works for ourselves and others.

The final Q&A Chat of the series will be held on Friday 27th August, 11am AWST/Singapore / 1pm AEST. Follow New Work Consulting on LinkedIn for your invitation to the next Chat.

Q&A Chat with Julissa

Here’s what we covered in this discussion:


  • ‘Range of acceptable behaviour’ v ‘Too strong’ or ‘Too weak’ – differs according to who is involved (Galinsky)
  • Cognitive bias e.g. Liking bias (Dobelli)
  • The ‘psychological frame’: Subtle turns of phrase, small visual cues, environmental details (Cialdini)
  • How much you can make it about them (Murphy, Fitzpatrick)


  • Powerful in the eyes of others & Powerful in your own eyes (Galinksy)
  • Present listening: Providing the ‘experience of being experienced’ (Murphy)
  • “Influence is very simple: You have to figure out what the other person wants, you have to know what you want, and you have to connect the dots.” (Fitzpatrick) + Clarity: Goals, process & proof


Afterwards, we spent some time networking and sharing action points relevant to participants.
For more on this topic, check out Expanding your range of influence to get results.
The video below includes the recording of my discussion on my research into influence, along with some examples of applying principles: