VIDEO: From online connection to real conversation

by | Sep 18, 2021 | Business conversations, LinkedIn, Selling

My August live 30-minute Online Q&A Chat featured tips and discussion on taking an online connection through to a real business conversation. This was followed by an opportunity to network online with professional peers.

My live Q&A Chat in August 2021 was on the topic, ‘From online connection to real conversation’.

What better way to round out the winter series of online Q&A Chats than to discuss the eternal question: How do you take a casual LinkedIn connection to a real conversation… maybe even towards becoming a client or someone integral to your network?

I shared 3 pathways you can take to get that connection to a valuable contact that you are having meaningful conversations with.

This was the final Online Q&A Chat for the series. If you are interested in having us host a similar experience for your network or organisation – delving into discussions around a common challenge in business or personal brand expression – contact us to discuss.

Q&A Chat with Julissa

Here’s what we covered in this discussion:



  1. Send unsolicited LinkedIn DM asking them to do something
  2. Send a vague coffee request
  3. Send ANYTHING to their email address you got from their LI profile


  1. PLAY WHERE THEY PLAY & get on their radar (LinkedIn is great for this!)
  2. RESEARCH = OPPORTUNITIES & BETTER CONVERSATIONS (you will formulate ideas and questions that give you a real reason to talk!)
  3. INTRODUCTIONS ARE THE GOLDEN TICKET – make it part of your strategy

BONUS TIP: Have you done what is needed to start building trust online? (Hint: Personal Brand…)

Afterwards, we spent some time networking and discussing action points participants found particularly useful.
For more on this topic, check out my video conversation with FINSIA and Futurist Rocky Scopelliti, Redesigning Trust in the Digital Age.
The video below includes the recording of my discussion on my tips for taking casual online connections to real business conversations: