Building your Influence: 3 common questions

by | Nov 22, 2021 | Business conversations, Personal Brand, Professional Confidence, Women

Some of the questions I was asked in a recent webinar for the Association of Financial Advisers’ Inspire series focused on building your influence in conversations, relationship dynamics and using your personal brand.

Here are the specific questions and the tips I shared.

#1: What do I do if I’m stuck in a coffee conversation where I feel the other person has taken over and is doing all the talking? How can I get my agenda across too?

  • Rather than push for what you want to say, take advantage of your companion’s chatty nature by asking great questions that redirect the conversation to where you want to go. What would be useful for you to find out? What questions would lead to an opportunity for you to solve a problem for them?

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#2: How can I turn around my manager’s view of me, if I already feel I’m not seen or heard?

  • Spend time getting clear on your values and boundaries – when you have clarity, you can be clear with others.
  • Then work on introducing those values and boundaries – but rather than being defensive, be calm and balanced in your communication. Try going gently at first if this represents a sudden change for the other person.
  • Embody who you want your manager to see you as – do you need to work on your non-verbal and verbal communication to sound more confident? Do you need to build your personal brand to highlight your strengths and show where you can lead?
  • Think ‘WIIFM” – what do they need in the exchange? And more broadly – How can reaching your goals help them reach theirs?

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#3: Is personal branding really authentic? I don’t want to pretend to be something I’m not, or to sound too self-promotional.

  • Real personal branding is highlighting what is already there, and maybe stretching a little into who you are becoming. Be truthful but be confident in communicating your strengths and achievements. If you want people to see you that way, you have to see yourself that way.
  • Try writing your bio in 3rd person to get over the feeling of being self-promotional.

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