Making a strong first impression: 3 common questions

by | Nov 9, 2021 | Business conversations, Personal Brand, Professional Confidence

Some of the questions I was asked in a recent webinar for the Association of Financial Advisers’ Inspire series centred around creating a strong first impression in meetings, online and in networking.

Here are the tips I shared with this audience as well as workshop out with teams and private clients.

#1: How can I make a strong first impression and build trust quickly in a meeting with a new client or prospect, particularly if they may not naturally see me as an authority (because of gender, age, ethnicity bias etc.)?

    • Be prepared to be confident and demonstrate ability – know the client; prepare contributions / questions, and understand expectations around this.
    • Can you break the ice beforehand and show you care – e.g. phone call to introduce yourself and ask what they’d like to get out of the meeting?
    • Know and make use of confident non-verbal language (such as appearance, body language and tone of voice).

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#2: What special considerations are there for building trust and influence in virtual and online environments?

    • It’s harder to make a connection, so you have to compensate e.g. turn up the energy and the smile, make eye contact using the ‘green dot’, think about their experience and how you can prepare to connect.
    • You may need shorter meetings but more frequent touch points online.
    • Find out how they prefer to be communicated with e.g. phone call, Zoom, Facetime, Whatsapp group text, LinkedIn voicemail!

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#3: What tips can you give ‘introverts’ or those who hate networking, to approach networking with confidence and impact?

      • Arrive early to get comfortable before the room gets full.
      • Choose events/activities that are scheduled when your energy is high.
      • Focus on 1-1 or small group activities where you can have meaningful conversations instead of ‘working the room’, e.g. committees, phone catch ups, lunches.
      • Choose networking experiences with a discussion element focusing on a topic you are interested or confident in e.g. business book club, online forum.
      • Have a plan of what you ask to break the ice.
      • Prepare your response to ‘What do you do?’

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