VIDEO: 10 ideas for greater leverage and impact in networking

by | May 1, 2021 | Business Development for Advisories, Networking

Welcome to my live 30-minute Online Q&A Chats on all things personal branding, business branding, online communication & networking.

My live Q&A Chat in April 2021 was on ’10 ideas for greater leverage BEFORE, DURING and AFTER networking’.

I shared my top 10 tips for impact in networking in person and online. We then had time to network and discuss implementation points in small groups before reconvening as a large group to share insights.

Online Q&A Chats are held on the last Friday of every month, 11am AWST/Singapore / 1pm AEST. Follow New Work Consulting on LinkedIn for your invitation to the next Chat.

Q&A Chat with Julissa

The 10 Tips for greater leverage and impact in networking that I discussed were:

  1. Clearly define your targets
  2. Clearly define your objectives to focus the strategy
  3. ‘Networking’ as ’Network-Building’ – more than events / towards conversations
  4. Plan for ‘coffee’ conversations that are worth your time
  5. Prioritise present listening to stand out, connect & build trust
  6. Plan your approach to the in-person networking event
  7. Make more out of online events
  8. Always seek an introduction first
  9. Use the power of LinkedIn to move casual contact to relationship
  10. Bring your personal brand to your networking
We then shared what tips we needed to leverage in our own teams or businesses, and helped each other brainstorm next steps.
The video below includes the recording of my discussion of the 10 tips.